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Parks & Recreation

Park Pavilion
Park Pavilion June 2011

Hamptonburgh Park

Jean Lord

18 Bull Road
Campbell Hall, NY 10916
845 427-2424 ext. 5

The Town Park located adjacent to Town Hall on Bull Road opened June 27, 2011.  A Little League ballfield, soccer field, playground and a pavilion are open.  The walking trail has been completed and opened for use in August, 2013.  The park was constructed with funds from a dedicated recreation account established a number of years ago that was funded from fees charged to developers for new subdivisions.


The Park is open to the public for individual usage at no charge.  The pavilion can be reserved for parties for a fee.



Park Hours:      8:00 am - dusk


Pavilion Hours:  8:00 am - 10:00 pm


Possession of alcohol and controlled substances is prohibited on premise.

Dogs are prohibited.

Profanity, objectionable language, disorderly acts or illegal activities of any kind are prohibited.

Operation of a motorized vehicle of any type outside of clearly designated vehicular access ways is prohibited.  Motorized devices, such as wheelchairs, utilized to transport persons with physical disabilities are exempt.

Permits shall not be issued for conducting a "for profit' purpose or use.

Sports tournaments are prohibited.

Any group with youth under 18 years old requires the presence of adequate supervision at all times.



Reservations for pavilion usage can be made at the Town Clerk's office.  Application should be made on the prescribed form at least 20 days prior to the day requested. 

Please contact:  Jean Lord - Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 1:00pm 427-2424 ext. 225