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Dog Control

Randi Babb, Dog Control Officer

18 Bull Road
Town of Hamptonburgh
Campbell Hall, NY 10916
845-427-2424 Ext. 3
Cell: 845-645-7366
State law requires proper outdoor shelter consisting of the following:
Black tar paper (weatherproof) roof and sides.
For a door, burlap sack or black rubber mat with vertical slits almost to the top. Entrance must close over to keep body heat in and cold weather, rain and snow out.
Straw winter bedding, never cloth or rugs (they hold moisture and freeze). Use straw, cedar chips or newspaper and change when damp.
Wooden lip to keep bedding inside dog house. Keep the house off the ground to keep out damp and floor rot.
Your dog shelter should be large enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. It should also be small enough to allow the animal to warm the interior with its body heat.

The Dog Control Officer is responsible for enforcing Town dog control ordinances and NYS Agriculture & Markets regulations for dogs.

New York State law requires all dogs over four months be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Licenses are obtained at the Town Clerk's Office.

While the Town does not have a leash law, Town legislation prohibits dogs from leaving their owner's property unless under the supervision of the owner.

The Town contracts with Walden Humane Society for holding of dogs found without licenses. If your dog becomes lost, report the loss on the dog control line and to the Humane Society at 778-5115.

Hours of Operation:
Part-time, as needed