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Hamptonburgh Grange #950

Sarah Wells Trail at Egbertson Road
Campbell Hall, NY 10916
845 294-5258

Chartered in 1903, the Hamptonburgh Grange is one of 36,000 local Granges in 37 states.  The Grange, America's oldest national agricultural organization, currently has 300,000 members nationwide.  A fraternal order known as the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, the Grange combines loyalty and democratic ideals to provide service to others.  The National Grange was one of the first formal groups to admit women to membership on an equal basis with men.  Major objectives of the modern National Grange include stewardship of America's natural resources, non-partisan political participation, and passage of progressive legislation to benefit U.S. agriculture, rural America, and the nation in general.

As the Town has evolved from rural to exurban, the Hamptonburgh Grange has shifted its focus from improving the economic and social position of farm families to providing leadership for local community service projects, while offering opportunities to strengthen community and family.

The Hamptonburgh Grange advocates on issues of concern to our community, is a point of access for learning about agriculture in Orange County and Hamptonburgh history, and sponsors a variety of informational and community-building activities, including co-sponsorship with town government of the annual Memorial Day ceremony.

Membership in the Grange is open to residents of Hamptonburgh and neighboring towns.  To learn more about the Grange and how to join us, please find us on Facebook, email or contact Grange Secretary Frances Hulle, 845/294-5258.